Jot! Down Your Ideas on Your iPad

Just this past month, I read an article stating that schools are starting to buy more iPads than PC's. This isn't surprising. In fact, if you have been following Web 2.0 experts on Twitter, blogs, and other means of social media, you probably realize that this trend has been a long time coming. 

I have been a little hesitant to discuss specific Apps on my blog because many schools are still holding out from buying iPads; however, like many of those other Web 2.0 experts, I am going to begin sharing different Apps than can be used in the classroom. As I begin to implement iPads in my classroom, I am going to try to share with you different Apps that might help. Hopefully we can learn together!

Jot! is an iPad whiteboard that allows students to draw, diagram and collaborate on concepts on a whiteboard feature on their iPads. Students can share their diagrams and pictures with other students by clicking on "Live Sharing." It will prompt you to give it a "session name." Once you give it a "session name," anyone can go to to view it. If you have the free version, you can view the diagram as a read-only file. If you have the paid version, it will allow you to collaborate with others. 

Even with the free version, it is a great way to review for a test or diagram a concept. Even if you don't want to have students share their sessions via the Internet, they can email their diagram as an image or save as a picture to their iPad. 

I like this App because it is very easy to use. It's simplistic user-face can be understood and used by students of all grades. Elementary school students would benefit from clicking on the Camera Icon, to change the blank page to a lined page. They can practice their handwriting on it. Algebra students could changed their blank page to graph paper, diagramming slops and equations. It even allows you the ability to insert pictures from your camera or saved photos. 


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