NOTE TO SELF: Try Evernote

I've been hearing about Evernote for awhile now, but never had much of a use for it. The other day I downloaded the Evernot App, because I thought that I would see what all of the "hype" was all about. After spending about 15 minutes playing around with it, I was thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. Don't have an iPad? No problem! You can use the web-based program, download it to your iPhone, Android, or PC.

Have you ever had a good idea and didn't have a piece of paper to write it down? Evernote gives you the ability to type it and save it. Did you ever have a good idea, but didn't have the time to write it or type it down? It allows you to speak your ideas and saves it as an audio file. Have you ever wanted to take a picture or video and save it for another day? Evernote allows you to record or take a picture and store it online. Evernote allows you to create and share notes, pictures, or videos and share them through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and printing!

Take a look at the Evernote "Trunk" and you will be able to find apps and products that help enhance the experience. There are productivity, drawing, and handwriting apps that make it completely possible to go paperless! After taking a whirlwind tour of this App and its capabilities, I've decided to make a note to self: "Try Evernote!"

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