Simple Ways of Presenting with an iPad

The other day, I had my students complete an assignment, where they had to research a particular topic and provide information using only pictures. The topic was specific, but the means to complete the project were broad. I did this intentionally to see how my students would utilize an iPad to solve this problem. Not only did they solve the problem and create excellent presentations, but they taught me a few tricks along the way!

Here are some tips for creating iPad presentations without fancy programs and using only pictures.

Use Jot! and Save Pictures to the Gallery

My students used Jot! to import pictures and add a limited amount of text (for labeling purposes only). They took the pictures that they created and saved them in their gallery. My students wanted to place their pictures in a specific order, so that they could create a modified slide show. How did they do this? They saved the pictures, went into their photo gallery and chose the pictures they wanted to add to their presentation. Then then chose Add To...and created a new album, just for their project! When it was time to present, they simply opened up their album and talked about their topic. From a logistics standpoint, this was a good idea if you are allowing multiple users on iPads. It allows each user to separate their photos from other groups.

Use Collage and Pic Stitch to Create Dynamic Collages

One of my groups created pictures using Jot! and wanted to present them in a unique format. They used a program called Pic Stitch, which allows you to create a collage in one of several predetermined picture templates. One group used Pic Collage, which allows you to do the same thing, but gives you more flexibility on where you position pictures. Students saved the pictures to their photo gallery and presented. I liked how each of these two apps allowed users to export or share pictures in different ways, like: Facebook, Twitter, Email, and even Printing to Walgreens!

I like the fact that both apps are very easy to use and are free! Many teachers are searching for fancy programs that act like PowerPoint and Prezi, yet all you have to do is have a picture!

Overall I was very impressed with their ingenuity and ability to problem solve. They truly stepped up to the plate and hit a home run of a presentation.

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