Stack the States

More and more teachers are turning to educational games to motivate and engage students in different ways. There is just something about a great educational game and learning to get your students fired up! 

The other day at lunch, a good friend of mine suggested that I check out an App called Stack the States. It is an interactive game that asks you trivia questions about each of the 50 states. As you answer each question, you get to drop the shape of the state on a platform. Your goal is to stack the states as tall as you can without having them fall off the platform. It reminds me of Tetris in a way.

I had my iPad with me at lunch that day, so he and I downloaded the free lite version. It was very entertaining and the questions were very challenging! There were questions about state capitals, historical figures, and state flags! I got tripped up by Arkansas' state flag. As you play, instead of earning points, you earn "states." 

It was a really great way of combining historical and geographical information into a game! What a fun way of learning! I would say that this App would work in an upper elementary, middle school, and even high school setting. 


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