Storage Ideas Made Easy for the iPad

iPads have made life so much easier for all of us, which makes it even more important to be able to access your files on the go. What options do you have for accessing PowerPoints, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and PDF files? Here are a few Apps that you might want to be aware of:

Dropbox - this free App gives you 2 GB worth of free space when you sign up; however, you can increase your box size by inviting others to use the service. When you automatically save photos and videos, you can earn up to 3 GB. From personal experience, if you need to access files from Dropbox website, it is very easy to use.

Box - this free App gives you 5 GB worth of free space to store all of your pictures and files. This App has a Microsoft feel because many of the icons look like the familiar icons of Windows.  Although very similar to Dropbox, it doesn't have the auto-upload feature for photos like the popular App.

What Apps do you use for file storage? I'm curious.

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