Taking Podcasting and Social Media to a Whole New Level

There has been a tremendous amount of progress made in the world of social media over the past couple of months. In fact, I believe that we are in the midst of another social media shift. I came across a really unique free Social Media App from Apple called Audioboo. Do you want to see it in action? Check out this article as an Audioboo:

Audioboo is a podcast-like program that lets users share up to 3 minutes of their voice with the world. Share your opinions, interviews, or micro-podcast! Users can create their own account for free and upload their recordings, pictures, and geo-locations to Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. 

A few months ago, I had my students create a podcast, where they had to research and record a news story about a product recall for a program like NPR. This could have been a great tool for students to share their research with the world! In fact, one teacher I recently talked with told me that "when students know the rest of the world is watching (or in this case listening), they are more likely to step up their game." 

Not a big fan of student recordings? You might want to check out the Audioboo channels for short audio recordings. I am a big fan of CNBC and found some great interviews on the Italian financial crisis. This is a great resource for any classroom! 

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