MyScript Calculator is an Awesome App!

I remember my seventh grade Math teacher always used to tell us that we had to "write neatly" or he wouldn't grade our work. He would also have us use an entire forest of scrap paper to write our answers down! When he was satisfied, he would heat up some pasta and watch us from afar! Oh memories! In all seriousness, I had my Math teacher in mind when I found the MyScript Calculator App in the iTunes store for both iPads and iPhones. It would have made seventh grade, so much easier!

How does it work? MyScript has users write a mathematical expression and converts the numbers and symbols into text. Then the fun begins! It solves your problem! Whether its exponents, basic operations, or Trigonometry expressions, MyScript helps users interact and engage with Math in a whole new way.

Can you imagine the implications for hands-on learners? Sometimes learners need another way to represent material in order to understand it. The interaction with MyScript represents gives hands-on learners a way to "get it."

Some Math teachers may cringe when they see this tool because they may feel that it will replace scrap paper or students could use it to cheat. I see it as a great tool for students to check their work. It is the equivalent of how some textbook companies provide the answers in the back for the book.

Students still need to "show what they know" by using scrap paper to show their work; however, MyScript could be a great way to help them come to the right answer. It makes me think that this could be a great tool for differentiated classrooms, where students are learning different material at different paces. Why? Users have a built in tool to check their work. You may even want to share this tool with parents as a homework help support, helping both parents and students reduce frustration.

Whether you are a Math teacher or a student, I believe this tool would be a great addition to your classroom tools. Not only is it very helpful, but it is free! Check it out today and let me know what you think!


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