Have Your Students Create Temporary Webpages with #DinkyPage

Several years ago, I read Thomas Friedman's book The World is Flat. It made me think about how technology and collaboration is changing the way we educate, communicate, and do business. It inspired me to create a new high school course called International Business, where the primary focus of the course was to teach about globalization and inspire collaboration. My students were asked to collaborate by creating a business idea through a Google Site. My students loved the project; however, it did pose a few frustrating logistical and technical issues.

Many of us would like for our students to create webpages, but we may lack the patience or technical knowledge necessary to create one. A few days ago, I was talking with a colleague of mine and he introduced me to a sited called Dinky Page. It is a free and easy-to-use web-based program that students can use to create basic webpages. It is very user-friendly and takes very little effort to learn.

When you create a page, you can go back and edit it at anytime simply by accessing a special editing page URL. It is suggested that you bookmark this URL or send yourself an email with the link. What if your students forget or lose their web address? Dinky Page can email you your URL by sending you an email. Best of all, you can go back and delete the page later!

If you want your students to create a basic page, this site is perfect! If you have more "advanced" students, they can also enjoy using HTML code or embedding different objects like Flash!

I am looking forward to next school year, so that I can try this! Imagine the possibilities when your students can show what they know in a creative way!

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