#Remind101: A Safe and Secure Way to Text Students and Parents

I love asking for suggestions on story ideas because I always get the best information from you! An amazing science teacher and former colleague of mine, Jen Kieffer, sent me information about Remind101. She uses it to communicate with large groups of students and parents via a single text message. Not a bad idea in the mobile and fast-paced digital age!

This is a free site, which you can sign up as a teacher to send text messages to students and parents. Before you tune me out, the best part is that you do not have access to your student's cell phone information and they don't have access to yours!

You can use Remind 101 to send out a blanket text to any student or parent who signs up for your class. Send out homework reminders, project reminders, class events, etc. with a simple text.

How does it work? 

First you have to create a Remind 101 account by using an email address and password. Next you set up the name of your class or group. You will also be prompted to create an access code (aka password) for students to text you later.

Once you have set up a class, Remind 101 will create a special phone number (for texting purposes only). Students will need to text your special access code to this phone number. Once they have done this, they will receive a confirmation text from Remind 101 and can begin receiving texts from you.

After these simple steps, you can begin texting your entire class with just the click of a mouse!

Check out how schools are using it in the video clip below:

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