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I am currently preparing a presentation at PETE&C next week on AudioBoo. Due to the nature of the presentation, I am using several audio clips. When you are at a big conference, you always have to prepare for wifi issues. A few weeks ago, I watched another presenter's presentation self-destruct because they weren't prepared for this. I have learned in the past that you should have a saved copy available to use because you never know.

In the past, I have used Any Video Converter to have a backup copy of YouTube clips for my presentations.  This time is a little different because I am sharing several of the audio clips that I have used on AudioBoo and I needed a way to convert the audio clips  to MP3 that was quick and easy.

When you search the Internet on this topic, you will find many creative ways of doing this. Some are complicated and others are not. I found a great site that can help you covert and download audio, video, documents, eBooks, and images. It is called Online .

What do I like about this site?

It is very easy to use! You can upload a file from your computer, access the file in your DropBox folder, or paste the URL of the resource you want to covert. Choose the format you want to convert it to. Click convert and it will download.

After the file is converted, Online Convert gives you several different options on downloading it. It will automatically download to your Downloads folder on your computer; however, you can download the file again with a direct link. Want to share it by email? This is perfect if you need to share the converted file with another person or access it on another machine.

You can save the file automatically to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.  Online Convert generates a unique QR code that you can scan with your mobile device to download the converted file.

However you plan on downloading the converted file, all links will automatically delete after 24 hours.

Want to see if it works?

Check Out My Presentations @ PETE&C on Monday, February 10th: 

  • 5 Awesome Ways To Use Weebly In Schools from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM in the Cocoa Suite 5 (Hershey Lodge)
  • Changing Learning through AudioBoo from 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM in the Crystal A room (Hershey Lodge)

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