My Student's Take Over as Guest Bloggers - App Creation Changes Everything

When I wrote about how my students created their App for a project creation last week, I had no idea of how much interest it would generate. My students were so excited at the positive comments and interest that were generated that I wanted to give them an opportunity to serve as "guest bloggers." Without further adieu, here is Brett, Kayvon, and Lindell:

About the Class and App:

Why did we choose Como?

We created an app because we wanted to stay up to date with modern technology. Our project's focus was on social media, so creating an app was relevant to our objective. We used Como to create our app because it was easy, convenient, and free. It also guided us through the process of creating an app. Como also provides a QR code which allowed our project to be interactive.

Click on the picture below to see a sample of our App:

3 Ways to Start App Creation Today: 
  • Como (formerly Conduit Mobile) lets you have up to 50 free mobile visits and up to 5 App downloads a month. It's free and easy to use. 
  • Yapp is another free site with a focus on creating Apps for events. You can make your Apps public or private. It is also very easy to use. 
  • AppShed - is a great alternative too.  Although you have to pay for it, they have accounts for education. Mr. B had blogged about this App last last July. Check out his post
Why Create Apps? 

We really liked the experience of creating our own App because we had the pressure of a real audience. We had to do our research, double check hyperlinks, and come up with good ideas because the world is  always watching!


  1. Brett, Kayvon, and Lindell,

    You guys did a fantastic job with your app creation. I love how you are able to find Hershey's Chocolate from wherever you are located. Nice thinking!


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