3 Ways the NEW #ClassDojo App is All About What Matters Most

Class Dojo understands that relationships between teachers, students, and parents are one of the most important elements of a school. If you are not familiar with the website and App, it is a behavior management system and communication tool for teachers, parents, and students. It is available on iTunes and Google Play stores.

All relationships begin with communication and Class Dojo is once again making it easier for teachers, parents, and students to remain on the same page with the following improvements:

1. Simplicity

Class Dojo has simplified the process of logging in so teachers, students, and parents can now login using the same App!

2. Better Options for Students

Students are now quickly able to get feedback and view reports. It's not about just communicating negative behaviors. The new version of the App emphasizes positive classroom behavior. Students can see their strengths, get recognized in class, and share their excitement with their parents! You can even engage students with the ability to customize their own avatars.

3. Better Parental Communication

Unfortunately when parents receive communication from teachers, it is often something negative. With the new version of Class Dojo, it is easier to build positive relationships and share the great things their children are doing. Teachers can instantly send messages to parents, share photos of classroom moments, and even send voice notes!


Check out this new version of Class Dojo and use the power of communication to make the most important relationships matter.

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  1. Love Class Dojo and really appreciate this quick run down on the new features! Thanks!


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