Post-It Plus Combines Low Tech and High Tech

The Post-It Plus App has quickly become one of my favorite learning tools. If you are the type of person who arranges post-it notes all over a wall, this App is for you! It combines the low tech feature of writing post-it notes with the high tech feature of the iPad and iPhone.

If you are not familiar with the IOS App, you can use your device to take pictures of up to 50 post-it notes. Your post-it note images are collected into groups.Once you have collected your post-it note images, you can rearranged them and position them on your device.

Students could use this tool to  brainstorm ideas or organizing their thoughts. Teachers could use this to ask a parking lot question at the end of the day to be graded or analyzed later.

There are many more features available like creating digital notes, working across devices, sharing your groups with others, collaborate, and share. This is an App with so many possibilities in the classroom. It is definitely worth checking out.

Check out this video for more information:


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