Learning Geography Through Geospy

As our world becomes more global, geography is becoming an important skill for our students to master. How can we help our students become masters of location? Why not engage them differently with a game called Geospy?

You take the role of a special agent, working against the clock as you try to locate various parts of the globe. As you play, you are given three different tasks (or games) to complete:

  1. Continents Game
  2. Countries Game 
  3. States and Provinces Game
When you are playing the game, you will be asked to locate a certain item. If you guessed wrong, Geospy will provide you with the right answer before asking your for another location. This game is a perfect tool for the elementary, middle, and even high school classroom. 

Engage students differently with Geospy. 


  1. Is this a web based game? Is it available as an app?

    Thanks, Troy

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