Algebra + QR Codes = #Awesome

A few months ago, I was attending a conference and I noticed that almost every presenter was using QR Codes instead of URL's to share web resources with their audience. This trend is quickly spilling into our classrooms because QR Codes make life so much easier for teachers and students.

I recently ran into a math teacher named Travis, who came up with a very unique way to use QR codes.

Step 1: Work Sheet

Students have a worksheet with problem number 1 at the top. They must solve the problem and show their work.

Step 2: QR Codes

After they are done, they walk to a location in the room containing a QR Code. When students used their Smart device to scan the QR code, an answer was revealed. If it matched their answer, they got it right. If it didn't, they got the question wrong and had to figure out what they did wrong.

If students arrived at the correct answer, they would also see the next problem appear on the screen as well. Travis used QR Code Generator to create the text and QR code! I like this generator because it lets you publish content and generate a QR Code. Many sites just provide you a QR code, while you have to publish your content elsewhere.


This amazing activity was simplistic, yet very engaging and challenging for students to complete. I applaud Travis for taking a risk and creating a valuable experience for his students!

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