Help Students Manage Time with the 30/30 App

Time management has to be one of the most difficult tasks for students (and adults) to master. There are so many things to do and keep track of each day! When we are helping our students become expert learners, we need to help them develop important self-regulation skills, like sustaining effort, managing time, and even breaks.

A Great Time Management App:

One of my recent graduate students wanted to find an App that could help her students plan and manage the amount of time they spent on assignments, tasks, and even breaks. She found an excellent iOS time management app called 30/30, where students set up a customized list of tasks and the expected time of each task. When students start the timer, you will be prompted when to move on to the next task.

How can you use this App?

Step 1: Create Your Task List

Students can open up 30/30 and create their own new Task List, where they can customize the task name and amount of time spent on each task. Add as many tasks as you would like.

Step 2: Create Your Tasks

Add Tasks to your Task List, customize the amount of time spent on the task, and even add an icon. I would highly recommend adding time for breaks! Students can even reposition the tasks in an order that makes sense for them.

NOTE: If you go to settings, you can email task lists to others. This may be a little tricky if email isn't setup on student iPads; however, this could be a great tool for 1:1 environments.

Step 3: Begin Using Your Task List

When students are ready to use their Task List, they can open it and press play. They have the ability to add time, decrease time, check the task as complete, or even delete the task. 

My Thoughts

With an easy-to-use interface, this App is a powerful tool for any classroom. It can help not only our students manage time, but perhaps we can use it ourselves. How often do you find yourself wondering where all the time went? 

Do you have a similar tool that you use? I would love to hear about it. 

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