Cheat Sheet for Creating Self-Grading Google Form Quizzes

If you are a Google Classroom user, you may find it difficult to give your students quizzes; however, you can quickly assess your students by using Google Forms. This is NOT a new idea, but many of my colleagues have asked me about it lately. Here is how you do it:

1. Create and Publish Your Quiz Using Google Forms

Google Forms provides you with a platform to ask multiple choice and text questions. You can even embed videos and pictures!  Just remember to have a section for students to enter their name. More on this later!

2. Create an Answer Key

Fill out your Google Form with the correct answers. It may be helpful to use the name "Answer Key" so that you can keep track of the correct answers.

3. Have Your Students Take the Quiz

Publish your quiz and have students take it!

4. View Results and Use Flubaroo

View the results of your "quiz" in Google Forms by accessing a Google Sheets with your results. You will also want to install the add-on Flubaroo (in Google Sheets) to automatically grade your results.

Here is a cheat sheet for the entire process:

Click here for the actual link to the presentation. 

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