More Than a Back Up: The Creative Ability of Google Photos

How often do you use Google Photos? If you are not familiar with this amazing way to backup and sync photos from all of your devices. Google Photos is available via your web browser, iOS App, or Android App.

After releasing it this time last year, I knew that this was a free service, which allows you to upload an unlimited amount of high-quality photos (up to 16 megapixels) and videos (up to 1080p). However, I have to admit that I didn't realize it had so many cool features.

 Google's advanced search tools let you search your pictures by location, date, and even by a person's face!

After tinkering around with the iOS Google Photos App, I found several useful editing and creation features:

1. Create and Share Albums with others. You can share your album via a link and have other Google users add pictures to your album. This is perfect for having a class photo album to create slide show presentations, videos, etc.

2. Create collages from your existing photos. Why bother downloading another App to create collages? You can now do this in Google Photos! This can be the perfect tool for having students demonstrating their understanding of the day's topic.

3. Create Animations of your images with the Animation / Video feature. This tool can be used to have students have their pictures tell a story through animation!

Besides the unlimited storage space, there are many useful content creation tools to make your pictures speak a thousand words. How do you use Google Photos?


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