2 Ways Google Can Help Students Set and Monitor Goals

It is important to customize instruction to the needs of students as instruction becomes more customized. We need to provide our students with opportunities to practice self-regulation and goal setting. Here are three ways you can easily help your students master learning this fall!
1. Set Goals with Google Keep

Google Keep is an excellent tool for creating to-do lists, but have you ever thought about having students use it to set goals? Not only can Google Keep can help you check off your goals as they are completed, it is also the perfect tool for students to collaborate in small groups. Each item in Google Keep can be tagged with a label according to subject area, type of goal, etc. 

I like the fact that Google Keep can be accessed on any device and it provides students with the opportunity to use it for setting goals or creating a to-do list. 

2. Google Forms as a Progress Monitoring Tool

With the big push for more Project Based Learning (PBL) in our classrooms, it is important for students to set goals and monitor their progress. Google Forms can be an excellent tool for students to set their goals (at the beginning of class) and report their progress (at the end of class). I have often used the following Google Form to accomplish this. 


Do you have students set and monitor goals? This is a very valuable skill for students (and teachers) to master. How do you have students set goals? 


  1. Hey Matt - I want to know more about goal setting. This year I'm teaching math....I'd like to pick your brain about how this works......what do students say about it? What does it tell you about their learning?

    1. Hi Kelly! The students absolutely loved this idea because it made them think about the learning process. It was a great tool for me (as the teacher) to hold kids accountable because we could review their goals and results in the same Google Sheet. It helped open up important conversations!

    2. Can I copy this form? I tried adding 'copy' to the end to no avail. Thx.

    3. Can I copy this form? I tried adding 'copy' to the end of the URL to no avail.

    4. Hi techteach! Send me an email at mattbergman14@gmail.com and I can share this with you

  2. I love the Google Form!

  3. Love the Google Form. Thanks for the idea. Going to try this in the makerspace!


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