Post #500: Two New Features from SeeSaw

Thank you everyone for your support over the years! I cannot believe this is post number 500! 

If you are a SeeSaw user, then you may have noticed that it has recently introduced two new features.
Image: SeeSaw (2016)

1. Text Labels Tool

Students now have the ability to use text labels to annotate drawing or video with the iOS version of the App. Choose from 8 preset label styles or create your own customized labels. According to SeeSaw, this feature will be available on the web and Android version of the App soon!

Check out the following link for a demo and lesson ideas!

We know from brain research that students need opportunities to express their knowledge in different ways. This is a great tool to increase the opportunities for students to communicate knowledge.

2. Translation Tools

With the increasing number of ESL and ELL students in our schools, we need to find creative ways to connect with parents inside and outside of the classroom. SeeSaw now has the ability to translate any note, caption, or comment into one of 50 different languages!  Simply tap "See Translation" and Seesaw will translate the content automatically!

Why should language create barriers towards connecting with parents? This is a great tool to eliminate the barriers and create connections that will change lives.

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