Old Game with a New Twist: Pictionary on an iPad?

I am always looking for ways to engage students through technology. I love using technology to combine an old concept with a new idea. Here is a twist on one of my favorite games while growing up, pictionary.

Remember Pictionary? 

If you remember the game pictionary, participants are broken into teams. Each team has a person who is tasked with drawing an assigned person, place, thing, or phrase. Each team has a certain amount of time to guess the answer.

A New Twist on an Old Game

Why not combine pictionary with an iPad to review important terminology or vocabulary? I love using screencasting Apps like Explain Everything, Educreations, and ScreenChomp to play. Have students draw their terms in small groups, teams, or to the entire class through Apple TV.  Set your iPad's timer to limit how much time they spend drawing and guessing the terms.


There are many ways that this game could be used in class. For example, students can do this as a review before a test, during the last five minutes of class, as a warm up activity, or as a filler. Use vocabulary from your lesson, word wall, or textbook.

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