4 Tools to Learn More About Google Suite for Education

I often get the question from other teachers, how do I learn more about Google Tools? Here are some great resources that you can use to incorporate Google Tools in your classroom!

1. G Suite Learning Center

Learn ANY Google tool with the G Suite Learning Center! I love this resource because it provides you with a variety of tools based on your ability level. There are a variety of tools, such as videos, cheat sheets, and tips for advanced users.

Simply type in blog.google and you will be directed to Google's central location for product updates, news, topics, and new ideas.  I just recently heard about this resource and immediately fell in love with it!  If you browse through the homepage, you are exposed to so many innovative ideas that it is hard not to get inspired! 

3. Google for Education Training Center

One of the best ways to learn about Google Suite for Education is to go through the certification process. The Google for Education Training Center provides you with resources to learn more about using Google Tools, as well as becoming a Level 1 or Level 2 Certified Educator.  The Level 1 track concentrates more on the fundamentals, while the Level 2 track concentrates on advanced training. 

Google recently bought Synergyse, which provides amazing training resources without leaving the App you are in. The lessons are very effective because they are simple and interactive. If you are new to G Suite, you should check this out! 


From YouTube videos to blog posts like my own, there are so many different ways to learn how to use Google Suite for Education. The tools in this article are some of the best. What are your favorites? 

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