Clean Up Your Chrome Extensions with Extensity

I enjoy connecting with other educators on Google + because it gives you an opportunity to learn from your peers. I learned about Extensify after reading a recent question posed by one of our community members.

What is Extensity? 

Tired of having too many Chrome Extensions at the top of your screen? You may want to consider using the Extensity Chrome Extension to help you manage, enable, and disable all of your favorite Chrome Extensions with just a click of the mouse.

Why would you want to do this? 

  • Chrome Extensions may slow down the performance of your browser. Increase performance by shutting down the extensions that you don't need.
  • If you like to stay organized, Extensify can be a helpful tool to help clean up your browser. 

Extensity offers some excellent features. 
  • Turn off / on individual extensions 
  • Easily turn off / on ALL of your extensions with a click of a mouse
  • Access Google Apps too! 
  • Easily search for any of your apps and extensions
  • Use the profiles feature to group extensions by interest, such as shopping, school, etc. 
  • Manage or uninstall extensions with a click of a mouse

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