Limit Form Responses with the Form Limiter Add-On

How do you limit the number of respondents on a Google Form?

The Form Limiter Add-On is a great tool to do exactly this. You can restrict the number of respondents or close your form by a certain date and time.

How does it Work? 

First, once your Google Form is created, you will need to install the Form Limiter Add-On. Click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your screen and choose "Add-Ons."

Next, find the Form Limiter Add-On, install (click on the Free Button), and give permission to access your Google account.

Then, click on the Add-Ons icon (puzzle piece) at the top of your screen and choose Form Limiter. On the next screen that appears, choose Set Limits.

Finally, use the window that appears on the right-side of your screen to begin setting your Form Limits. You have the ability to choose Date and Time (close at a specific date), Number of Form Responses, or Spreadsheet Value. Follow the instructions to set your limits.


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