Save Time with Share to Google Classroom

Efficiency is one of the biggest challenges facing teachers when trying to infuse technology into the classroom. How can you increase your efficiency and productivity, while saving valuable time and resources? If you are a Google Classroom user, then you will see that Share to Classroom Chrome Extension is a valuable tool for quickly sharing websites with your students.

How does it work? 

1. Install the Share to Google Classroom Chrome Extension to Google Chrome and browse away!

2. When you find a website that you would like to share with students, choose the Share to Google Classroom Chrome Extension.

3. Choose which class you would like to share the link with. 

4. Choose how you would like to share with your students. 

  • You can choose "Push to Students" to share a website with students while they are signed into Google Classroom. This is a great way to save time, rather than relying on students to type in a URL and navigate a website.

  • Create an Assignment, Ask a Question, or Make an Announcement like you would in Google Classroom. Now you can do it from the extension! 

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