Create Amazing Presentations with Google Slides Toolbox Add-On

Amazing presentations start with an amazing design. If you use Google Slides, then you might want to check out the Slides Toolbox Add-On, which will help you create top-notch presentations.

Simply visit the Add-Ons menu, select "Get Add-Ons," and search and install Slides Toolbox. Once Slides Toolbox is installed, you can use a variety of tools to make awesome presentations, such as:

  • Easily remove objects and text
  • Add and edit various text formats and objects
  • Arrange, space, and reposition objects
  • Important and export objects such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG files
  • Edit shapes, charts, and images 
  • Add a table of contents

In a world full of boring and mundane PowerPoints, this free tool provides users with an easy way to create engaging and powerful presentations. 

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