Toony Tool: Create and Share Cartoons Online

Finding ways to address all of the learning needs and styles in your classroom can be difficult. Although there are many visual tools out there, it can be difficult to find a simple tool for your visual students to showcase understanding. 

Toony Tool

I came across a free tool called Toony Tool, which can be used to create a comic-like scene. Students can add preloaded backgrounds, characters, thought bubbles, props, and meme text to their scenes.  Whether you are using a laptop, Chromebook, or mobile device, Toony Tool can be used across platforms. This makes it a very useful tool in any classroom. 

Students can download their images as PNG, JPG, PDF, or GIF files. If you would like students to create a comic strip, you could save and embed each image into a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. 

How Can I Use This?

There are a variety of ways to use this tool. For instance, you could have students use this tool to practice using vocabulary terms or demonstrate their understanding of a term. In the foreign language classroom, could have students practice using conversational text. In the science classroom you could have students showcase their understanding of processes. In the social studies classroom, you could develop a scene to depict and summarize historical events. 

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