Using Spreadsheets to Add Transparency and Efficiency to Your Classroom

How often do you use spreadsheets?

If we are honest, we don't utilize this tool to its full potential. Instead, we reserve it for data and budgets. Let me show you another way that you can unleash the power of Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers!

Class Agenda

As classrooms become more digitalized, it is important for teachers to communicate what will be occurring during class that day. This is important for students who need structure, are absent, or need a reminder.

Why not use a spreadsheet to create an agenda for the day? Add an essential question, links to assignments, and important reminders to students. You may want to consider adding tabs at the bottom of your screen for each day of the week. This may be a helpful way of showing the flow of your class during the week.

Use this strategy to say organized and communicate important information. It also provides a layer of transparency for parents, administrators, and the school community. Check out my sample spreadsheet here.

Blended Learning

If you are using a blended approach in your classroom, you could easily share links to assignments and assign groups. In my sample spreadsheet, I used the station rotation blended learning model. I shared a schedule of the rotations and provided a tab with group assignments.

This is a simple solution to keeping your students on task and knowing where to go. I also added a link to an activity that students will complete on their own. Spreadsheets provide you with an easy way to add links to other documents, websites, or resources.


If you are looking to communicate more effectively with your students, then you might want to try using a spreadsheet. It may take a little getting used to, but this can be a great tool for making learning efficient, fun, and transparent.

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