Book Cover Predictions with Flipgrid

Flipgrid is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools because it is a powerful video discussion tool, which can be used across platforms. This is ideal for the 1:1 or shared device classroom.

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Book Cover Predictions:

Today, I worked with a teacher who used Flipgrid in a unique way! To begin their latest group book in class, the teacher decided to have students predict what they thought that the book would be about. She created a Flipgrid discussion, where students would look at the book cover, make their prediction, and describe their prediction on Flipgrid in 30 seconds or less.

Organizing your thoughts and describing them in a succinct way is a valuable skill that many students struggle with. Flipgrid provides students with an excellent venue to try this! 

Once students responded with their prediction, they were encouraged to look at 3 other classmates' posts. After they viewed each post, they were asked to respond to one classmate's post. They were asked to describe whether they agreed or disagreed with their classmate and why. 


I like how Flipgrid was used as a scaffold and support for classroom discussion. Many of our students struggle with putting their thoughts together and providing an opinion. Flipgrid provided students with a safe environment, where they could practice valuable reasoning and conversation skills! 


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