Noisli: A Customized Concentration Solution for Any Device

Many teachers turn to ambient noise, classical music, or meditation music to help students with concentration and relaxation, which may be effective for some students and not so effective for others.

A Customized Concentration Solution

Whether you want to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for your entire class or give your students a chance to customize their noise solution, the Noisli is extremely helpful to use!

There are three different versions of Noisli that you can use:

Noisli is very simple to use. Choose a noise combination that will work best for you, whether you want to increase productivity, relax, a random set of sounds, or create your own customized set of noises. Noisli has a vast library of sounds, such as rain, a fan, and noise from a coffee shop.

Next, choose whether not you want to use the timer feature. Set the timer for a specific amount of time and enjoy!


Concentration is such a valuable commodity in a noisy and hyperconnected world. Today's classrooms are no different - often containing a simultaneous array of individual and small group activities occurring. Noisli is a great solution regardless of the device that students use!

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