Dotstorming: A Free Tool to Poll and Offer Choice

I'm always looking for ways to add choice into the classroom or professional development. There are a variety of great strategies and tools out there to enhance student choice, such as Google Forms, assignment menus, and choice boards.

One of my favorite free tools is called Dotstorming, which combines the power of polling with virtual post-it notes like Padlet.

Create Your Board

First, create a Dotstorming board. Your board will contain a variety of cards and images for participants to vote on. There is even an optional chat feature, which you have the choice to enable or disable.

Create Your Cards

Second, you will add cards (containing text) or images (containing images and text) for participants to vote on. You can even add links to YouTube videos. For example, you might want to provide descriptions of the topic that you would like to vote on.

 Share Your Board

Finally, you will share your board with participants. Simply, click on the share button and you will receive a URL and embedding code to place on your website. When participants receive this link, they can instantly have 3 votes to start the voting process!


There are a variety of other features and settings, which make this tool amazing! Want to learn more or see it in action? Check out my tutorial video below:

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