Free Virtual and Interactive STEM Activities with PhET Interactive Simulations

Do you find that some students need hands-on opportunities to interact and experiment with concepts and content?

Simulations are very powerful tools for students to transform knowledge into action. I recently came across a great site designed by the University of Colorado called PhET.

The site is home to free and interactive research-based science and math simulations typically designed for older grades! Many of the simulations are designed with HTML5, which makes it perfect to use on any device! Just keep in mind that there are some simulations that still run off of Java.

Here is the link to a database of all of the free simulations available for all to use and categorized by subject, topic, grade level, and language.

Worried about accessibility? This tool is perfect for learning environments designed to meet the needs of all students! The following link provides a list of accessibility features and simulations containing these features.

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