Create Your Own Bitmoji Virtual Classroom in 10-Minutes

 There have been a ton of Bitmoji or virtual classroom ideas available to educators since the Spring. Although this tool is great for remote learning situations, it can be helpful in hybrid and face-to-face learning situations too. The idea behind a Bitmoji classroom is to replicate your own classroom and make resources, news, and tools available to students in virtual settings. 


Here are several considerations to keep in mind when designing your own virtual classroom:

1. Use the Bitmoji extension to add an animated version of you! 

2. Consider adding links to homework, resources, tutorials, and classroom news!

3. Don't forget about navigation! Use icons or pictures to link to slides. It might be helpful to add an icon to return back to your "home" screen or classroom.  

4. Make sure that you publish your classroom to the web! This makes it easier to access regardless of device.  

How Did I Do It? 

Want to create your own? Here is a brief tutorial on how to create your own Bitmoji classroom:

Want Your Own Copy? 

Want your own copy? Check out my TPT site to purchase your own copy of my template. The template contains everything you see in the preview from above. 

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