Crash Course on Creating Your Own Fliphunt with Flipgrid

 Fliphunts are digital scavenger hunts powered by Flipgrid and another tool like Google Docs. 

Fliphunts are an amazing way to help students demonstrate their understanding of content in a highly engaging way! Whether students are at home, at school, or in a hybrid situation, they can showcase their understanding anytime and anywhere! 

How Do You Create a Fliphunt? Check out my video below:

What are the common elements of effective Fliphunts? 

  • Fliphunts begin with a learning goal. Ultimately, you are providing students with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of a concept or content. 
  • Tasks are often listed in a Google Doc, Word Document, Google Slides, etc. 
  • Each task should be designed to meet your goal, which is often designed with varying degrees of difficulty. 
  • Some Fliphunts can take the form of a list of tasks to be completed in order 
  • Students record themselves performing tasks, answering questions, or finding clues 

  • Many Fliphunts take a gamified approach and provide students with an opportunity to choose which tasks they will complete. Tasks are often assigned point values and students need to meet a certain number of points. 
  • Consider using many of Flipgrid's amazing tools to illustrate understanding, such as the drawing tools, adding images, and adding emojis!
  • Fliphunts should be fun and hands-on! 


Students learn more when they teach others! Fliphunts provide students with the opportunity to "teach" others what they have learned by demonstrating their understanding. Fliphunts powered by Flipgrid offer a great way to do this. Not able to use Flipgrid in your school? Consider using alternative tools like Seesaw, Canvas, or the camera on a tablet. 


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