Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a HyperDoc

HyperDocs are an excellent way to connect learning with students in hybrid, face-to-face, or virtual learning environments. Want to learn how to create your own HyperDoc? 

First, I would recommend visiting the website to get an idea of some of the templates and samples that are available for all teachers to use. Here is a sample HyperDoc on HyperDocs that I have created. 

Want to see a step-by-step video on creating a HyperDoc


 Next, I would make a copy of a template and begin putting together your HyperDoc. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Workflow - how will you collect and distribute materials? How will students submit work to you? Google Classroom is a great tool for this. 
  • Accessibility - how will you help students access learning and materials?  A good way to do this is to force a copy of the document and add helpful video tutorials. Screencastify is a great tool for creating helpful videos. 
  • Design - how will you create a document that is easy to navigate and simple to use? A good way to do this is making Hyperlinks appear highlighted and in a larger font. Joypixels is a great tool to add emojis to your doc!
  • Engagement - how will you hook students into learning? Add trivia, a fun quiz, and opportunities to collaborate and create! Google Forms and Quizziz are excellent tools to use for this. 
  • Reflection - offer your students regular opportunities to reflect on their learning. It might be helpful to view reflection as checkpoints or exits along the learning journey. Flipgrid is a great tool to reflect! 
Finally, share your document with your students and watch learning happen! 

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