3 Ways to Get Started with Flip Hunts on Flipgrid

Learning by doing is a great strategy for students to engage in learning! Flip Hunts are digital scavenger hunts powered by Flipgrid, which allow students to use the power of technology to demonstrate understanding in flexible and meaningful ways. It's a fun way to increase engagement and provide autonomy, as students can literally record themselves performing tasks associated with learning. 

You may be wondering, how do I get started? Here are three ways to get started!

1. Check Out Existing Flip Hunts on Flipgrid!

If you visit Flipgrid, visit the Discovery Tab and search for existing Flip Hunts that can be shared and edited! 

BONUS TIP! Please check out this awesome blog post by Kathi Kersznowski. She does an amazing job describing Flip Hunts! 

2. Create Your Own Flip Hunt Template

Rather create your own? I have created my own template for creating your own Flip Hunt! Click here to make your own copy of the Google Doc and have fun!

3. Watch My Crash Course Video on Creating a Flip Hunt!

Rather see it in action? I created the following step-by-step video to help you create your own Flip Hunts! Feel free to check it out. 


Matt Bergman (2021)

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