5 Podcasting Tools You Can Use for Next School Year

Although podcasting has been around for a while, I never really integrated it into my classroom because I didn't think I had the use. However, there are so many great ideas that you could use podcasting for! Here are some awesome tools you could use for Podcasting!

Garage Band

Garage Band is an Apple App that can be used to record podcasts on your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad. Simply use the narration mode feature and you will create a podcast in minutes. Imagine having your students putting together a talk show to discuss the latest chapter or unit!


Seesaw isn't just for screen recordings. You can use the audio record feature to have your students practice sharing facts that they learned from the lesson today. It could provide students with an opportunity to reflect on what they learned and comment on their classmate's work, all within a safe environment. 


Did you know that Screencastify can record audio too? You can use the free version of Screencastify to record audio and publish it to your Google Drive! Imagine having students share strategies for solving that word problem in class! 


Flipgrid now has an audio record only. Imagine having your students put together an interview of a historical figure. They could publish their "interview" on Flipgrid and open it up for comments! 


Finally, if you are interested in making and publishing your own podcast, I highly recommend Anchor! You could record lessons for students to listen to on Spotify or share your knowledge with the world. I recently decided to use Anchor as a platform to share my passion for learning from life lessons and mistakes! It is called Conversations in the Paint Department. Check it out and let me know what you think! 

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