3 Jamboard Templates for Attendance, Lunch Count, and Social-Emotional Learning

Jamboard is a great collaborative tool for students to use in the classroom. Many of us have found some great ways to utilize this tool during remote learning. As more students begin arriving in our classrooms this fall, we can begin using Jamboard in creative ways on a Smartboard or as a collaborative activity on student devices. 

I have developed the following Jamboard templates to keep track of attendance, lunch count, and emotional check-in tool. 

Attendance Chart

Keeping track of attendance is one of those tasks that I would often struggle with. The following Jamboard template provides you with a place for students to drag and drop an icon on top of their name to "check-in."  

Lunch Count

Need a helpful tool for lunch count? You could use Jamboard to keep track of lunch orders for the day. Have students drag the shape that corresponds to their lunch choice. 

Mood Meter

The Mood Meter is a great SEL tool to see how your students are doing emotionally. It can help you measure the atmosphere of your classroom and make adjustments. The Mood Meter has four different quadrants based on energy level and feelings. 

To help students better understand, I have placed a picture of my Bitmoji in each quadrant; however, you can add a picture of your own Bitmoji or stickers to give it a custom feel. The following template has stars so that students can remain anonymous; however, you could add your own custom stickers or Bitmojis to the classroom to identify student names. 

Helpful Tips

Here are a couple of helpful tips: 

  • You can customize your Jamboard by using the following  Google Slides template or add text directly from Jamboard. If you choose to customize using Google Slides, you will need to download the Slides template as a JPG or PNG and upload it to Jamboard as a background. 
  • Want to make your own Jamboard background from Google Slides? In page setup, choose custom, choose pixels, and choose the dimensions 1920 x 1080. 
  • If you "Clear Frame" on your Jamboard, all shapes, and text added from Jamboard will be deleted. Instead, click on the 3 dots (in the top-right corner of the screen) of your Jamboard and choose Version History. Restore the version that contains what it previously looked like.  

Want a tutorial on how to do this? Check my video out below


Matt Bergman (2021)

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  1. I would like to understand how Jamboard is shared with students. Do I put the Jamboard on my white board, send a link to each student and they move their star or a post a note from their individual Chromebook? I am looking for a high school class to connect with their classmates on an interactive viewable screen.
    thanks for any helpful answers :)

  2. Great question! Are you a Google Classroom user? You can assign it in Google Classroom as an assignment and make a copy for each student.

  3. Hello,
    New to Google Classroom, and Jamboard. Love the lunch count. How can I add 2 or 3 more columns for choices?


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