Google Slides Vocabulary Choice Board

Student choice and autonomy is an important aspect of learning, especially in vocabulary instruction. A choice board is an effective strategy for supporting vocabulary instruction. I recently developed the following Vocabulary Choice board for Google Slides. 

How does it work? 

First, you will want to share this with students through your learning management system. Google Classroom makes it easy to create an individual copy for each student. Don't have Google Classroom? Here is a great way to force a copy of any Google Docs, Slides, etc. 

As students complete each task, they will drag the red "X" on top of the task completed. There is an additional slide they can see and mark off vocabulary terms used. 

Next, students are required to complete a Frayer Model for one vocabulary term on slide number 5. When students are finished, they will have the choice to complete any two tasks on the choice board to make a tic tac toe! 


Do you like what you see? Click here for your own copy. Feel free to leave comments below on other tasks that you like students to complete for vocabulary practice. 


Matt Bergman (2021)

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