9 Ways to Make Your Presentations More Accessible to Students

Presentations are an important part of the teaching and learning process. There are times when instruction must occur in small or large groups; however, are your presentations accessible to all of your students? 

Variability is the rule and not the exception in our classrooms. When you have so many learner differences in one learning environment, you are bound to have learning barriers emerge. How can we make presentations more accessible to students? 


As a reminder! There are so many different ways to make your presentations more accessible to students! 

  • Guided notes and a “live” note-taker on a document camera / Google Doc. Take a picture of physical notes and post it to Google Classroom. 
  • Use the Closed Captioning feature in Slides
  • Post materials to Google Classroom
  • Periodic pauses for reflection
  • Q&A feature in Slides for live questions
  • Pear Deck or NearPod to make the presentation interactive
  • Share a published copy of the presentation with interactive links and embedded audio from MOTE
  • Add video from YouTube or Google Drive

Matt Bergman (2022)


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