Take Your Instruction to the Next Level with YoTeach!

 Have you ever considered using a chatroom in your classroom? I know it sounds intimidating because chatrooms and backchannel chats have had a reputation for misuse. However, YoTeach! is a teacher and student-friendly website that may change your mind.

Why YoTeach!? 

YoTeach! has so many great features like: 

  • Password-protected administrative controls to filter for profanity and moderate conversations before they are posted
  • Chat and voting mode
  • Spaceboard - a collaborative whiteboard for students and teachers to use! 
  • Drawboard - an individual board to draw, brainstorm, and add ideas
  • Hand raising feature for students!
  • Math doodle board which converts your handwritten content into digital equations! 

How might you use this in your classroom? 

Take your instruction to the next level and provide students with opportunities to connect, ask questions, and understand instruction in different ways. Here are just a few ideas!
  • Provide students with a space to ask questions during instruction
  • Collaborative space for group work
  • Facilitate ongoing instruction
  • Virtual instruction 

How does it work? 

Check out my video below:


Matt Bergman (2022)


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