Amazing Google Lens Trick! Copy Printed Text with Your Phone and Paste in Google Docs on Another Device

Did you know that you can use the Google Search App on your phone to scan, copy, and even translate a printed text on another device? You can literally scan a printed text from your phone and send it to your laptop with a few taps. This is a game-changer if you want to Universally Design your classroom and make printed text more accessible to ALL students!  

Printed Text Limitations

We know that learners differ in how they interact and perceive different media and printed text does have several limitations. First, you are limited in how you can manipulate and interact with printed text. For instance, you cannot change the font size or style. Secondly, hyperlinks to additional resources and tools cannot be embedded in printed documents. Finally, printed text does not have built-in speech-to-text tools. 

Educators are sometimes limited by budgets and resources, creating barriers to creating accessible learning environments. This simple trick is free and how students learn in your classroom! 

How Does It Work? 

Here is a brief tutorial on copying text, pasting it into Google Docs, and changing the font to Lexend.

Matt Bergman (2022)

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