Extreme Makeover UDL Edition! Making a Self-Pace Google Slides Activity Accessible and Even Better!

I recently saw an awesome self-paced activity using Google Slides by the Sprinktop Teacher! It was engaging and well designed. As someone constantly thinking about the importance of design and accessibility, I thought..."how could I make this amazing activity even more amazing and accessible for ALL students?" 

UDL Makeover: Making An Amazing Activity Even More Amazing and Accessible 

Check out my video below to learn:

1. How to create your own self-directed slides in Google Slides

2. How to make your activity accessible

  • Making your fonts more accessible with Lexend
  • Publishing your presentation and providing a QR-code generated from Chrome



When we identify high-probability barriers to accessing learning activities and design with accessible options in mind, we can create highly engaging learning activities for all students. Check out more about the UDL framework and Matt's Lesson Planning with a POP framework below:

Matt Bergman (2022)


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