Polypad by Mathigon is a Game-Changer in any Classroom!

Mathigon is indeed a "mathematical playground" for students and teachers alike! 

If you are not familiar with this amazing tool, it contains a variety of free tools, courses, and manipulatives to make learning math engaging and accessible. Whether you are in an online, hybrid, or face-to-face learning environment, there are tools for you to use! 


Mathigon's Polypad is one of my favorite tools because it provides manipulatives and visuals for students to understand fractions, numbers, geometric shapes, algebraic equations, and more! Brain research tells us that students need multiple exposures and mediums to understand concepts and topics.

How Does it Work? 

Want to see it in action? Check out my three-minute video to see how it works! 

Matt Bergman (2022)


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