TEACHFLIX: Crowdsourced Videos for Educators and by Educators

One of my favorite quotes about the power of media is from Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, who said, "the medium is the message." I identify with this quote because I find media a powerful tool for engaging students in the classroom and teachers during professional development. A great video has the potential to generate amazing discussion, increase engagement, and create memorable learning experiences. However, finding the  "right" video is sometimes tricky, right?

I have spent hours trying to find the "perfect" video to show students and adults; however, I recently found a great teaching resource called TEACHFLIX, which has a curated library of teaching videos and resources for students. You can browse by keyword, subject area, or grade level.

TEACHFLIX explains:

"It’s a collection of videos – sorted into categories – that you can use with your students in class. We’ve found our own favorites – and curated suggestions from classroom teachers. It’s not a perfect, all-encompassing collection. But we like it. And we keep adding new videos to it!" (TEACHFLIX, 2023)

I found TEACHFLIX incredibly useful for teachers at any grade level who want to incorporate video into their classroom. It's easy to use and there are a variety of curated videos, which can save time and effort!

Matt Bergman (2023)


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