Chat Animator: An Excellent Formative Assessment Alternative

Chat Animator could be an excellent alternative for formative assessments because students can express their understanding through text messaging! When we provide options to recruit student interest, we generate engagement because students are connected to learning in meaningful and relevant ways. Most students use text messaging to connect with their friends and family daily, which makes Chat Animator easy to use and understand.

How Do I Use Chat Animator's Texting Story Maker? 

First, visit the Chat Animator website to create your texting story! 

Then, create your conversation! Chat Animator provides you with customized tools for creating a realistic conversation. Change the names of participants, upload profile pictures, and generate a text messaging conversation in the text boxes. 

Finally, you can record and save your animation as a video (.webm) or as a GIF. 


Imagine that you have taught a lesson on the properties of triangles. Chat Animator could be used for students to share 3 things they learned about triangles' properties. Check out my sample conversation below! 

BONUS! Make the experience collaborative by having students download their conversation as a GIF and place it in a shared Google Slides presentation or PowerPoint. 

Matt Bergman (2022)

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