10 Tips for Building Better Learning Goals

Goals are not just the foundation; they are the roadmap for effectively planning a UDL lesson. They often serve as a roadmap, providing students with a clear direction for their learning journey. They answer the essential question: "What will I be able to know or do by the end of this lesson/unit/course?"

Goals are often derived from broader academic standards designed to help students develop essential skills and knowledge over the long term. For example, a science goal might be "Students will be able to explain the water cycle and its impact on weather patterns." This aligns with a specific science standard that emphasizes understanding core environmental processes.

Clear learning goals are not just tools, they are powerful tools for educators and students. They provide a sense of purpose, allowing students to track their progress and celebrate their achievements. Students who understand the "why" behind their learning become more engaged and motivated to reach their full potential.

With this in mind, here are ten tips for building better learning goals. Click here for access to the PDF with active links. 

Matt Bergman (2024)

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