4 Ways to Use Brisk AI in Teaching

I recently came across an AI tool called Brisk, which operates as a Chrome Extension that you can use to inspect student work, detect AI, and generate content! Brisk has four important features:

1. Create 

Teachers can used Brisk to create lesson plans, exemplars, quizzes, and more! Note: There is a free and a paid version of this tool, so some of the paid features are identified by a lock icon. 

Library of features

2. Inspect

Teachers can use the Inspect feature to see a video history of the creation of a Google Doc, which is perfect for identifying potential plagiarism issues by copy and paste. In addition, there is an AI detection tool that identifies potential use of AI in the assignment. 


3. Change Reading Level

Did you know that you can change the reading level and language of a Google Doc? This is perfect for providing students with differentiated options for reading a text. 

Change reading level box

4. Give Feedback 

Need a tool for providing better feedback to students? Brisk provides a variety of options for providing the right type of feedback for students. I personally like the Glow and Grow option! 

Feedback styles box


Brisk is a simple, but powerful tool that teachers can use to save time, increase efficiency, and provide valuable feedback through a variety of means. It saves you time, while increasing your effectiveness as a teacher. Check it out today! 

Matt Bergman (2024)

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