Digitize and Summarize Written Text with ChatGPT

The more I use artificial intelligence the more I am finding ways to save time and improve accessibility. I recently came across a cool way of using Chat GPT to to extract written text from Post-it notes, whiteboards, and chart paper. This is a game-changer for digitizing text or summarizing notes. Check out two ideas for making this happen!

Idea #1: Digitize Written Text

You can extract text from any image with written text. Take a picture of a Post-it note filled with ideas, chart paper from your last faculty meeting, or written notes from a whiteboard or smartboard. Then ask ChatGPT to “Convert to Text.” Your text will be instantly converted into a digital format, allowing you to import it into Google Docs or Word.

Idea #2: Summarize Text

Need extra support with note-taking? Take a picture of lecture notes from a whiteboard, Smartboard, chart paper, or notebook. Then ask ChatGPT to “summarize the written text.” ChatGPT will instantly produce a summary that saves time and provides additional support for students who struggle with note-taking.


As the features of ChatGPT continue to advance, we can find new ways to make simple tasks even easier, such as organizing ideas, summarizing notes, and digitizing brainstorming sessions. Want to see this in action? Check out my video below for more information.

Matt Bergman (2024)

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