Multiple Ways of Representation through Organization?

Organization. It's either a word that makes you take pride or want to hide! In the digital age that we live in, paper organizers and lists are going by the wayside. They are replaced by electronic calendars and iPhone apps.

So how do we teach our digital learners how to organize their thoughts, tasks, projects, etc.? Or what can an educator use to organize lessons, tasks, or ideas? You may want to take Pegby into consideration.

What is it?

Pegby is an electronic cork board, where you can "stack" index card like notes to it, so that you can get organized. Pegby is divided into 3 columns Pending, In Process, and Done. You can attach notes, documents, or tags to your index card. There is also a feature that hides your index card until a certain date.

You can use this to assign tasks to yourself, share your Pegby, and even assign tasks to other people! What a perfect tool for delegation!


Although this will never replace your Google Calendar or iCal, it may be a good way of teaching students how to organize their thoughts, tasks, and projects, representing a mundane task in a new way. This site provides users with multiple means of representation and ways of engaging students.

Image a group of students working on a civics project, using Pegby to organize and assign tasks. Imagine a group of students sharing documents and collaborating, while one student is half-way around the world or 3 seats away!

Imagine collaborating with other colleagues on the next staff development. Imagine team meetings in a whole new way. Imagine the possibilities.

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